I’m Yoshiyuki Kurauchi a.k.a @wmnsk, a developer living in Yokohama, Japan. Hope this website helps you understand me better :)

Currently at mid-2020, I’m working as a Product Manager at a startup based in Tokyo that aims to democratize mobile networking technologies. With 5+ years of intensive experience in technologies used in mobile network operator(MNO)’s infrastructure, I’ve been designing the future of our products, as well as developing and delivering them .

Previously, my main concern was on security issues in MNO’s network such as the ones listed here. I had learned a lot about the protocols used in MNO’s infrastructure, from the legacy ones(2G, 3G) to the latest ones(4G/LTE, 5G) in those years, which lead me to so enthusiastic about networking protocols.

As an individual developer, I’m actively maintaining and contributing to some open-source projects to make developers get more interested in networking protocols and help telco folks be ready for cutting-edge infra technologies, which I believe will be fun for each other (please see Works for details).


Please feel free to contact me for business(either personal or company-sized), casual questions about my expertise, or anything you’d get interested in about me :)