I’m Yoshiyuki Kurauchi a.k.a @wmnsk, a software engineer living in Yokohama, Japan. Hope this website helps you find me well :)

Since the beginning of 2021, I’ve been working as a Software Engineer at Working Group Two, an international startup based in Oslo that builds and operates multi-generation-capable cloud-native mobile core network. Before that, I had several years of intensive experience in mobile network operator(MNO)’s infrastructure, such as EPC development and some works in the mobile-infra-specific security issues.

As an individual developer, I’m actively maintaining and contributing to some open-source projects to make developers get more interested in networking protocols and help telco folks be ready for cutting-edge infra technologies, which I believe will be fun for each other (please see Works for details).

Both at work and in my spare time, my main interest has been on the networking protocols in mobile infrastructure and the real-world implementation of them, from the legacy ones(2G, 3G) to the latest ones(4G/LTE, 5G).


Please feel free to contact me for business(either personal or company-sized), casual questions about my expertise, or anything you’d get interested in about me :)